Madelaine G. von Weber

Born on Beacon Hill in Boston in 1906, Madelaine Boutwell enjoyed a long career as a classically trained mezzo soprano. She married Roland von Weber, a concert pianist, and traveled with him throughout Europe giving concerts.

After retiring from their musical careers, Madelaine and Roland lived in the summers in Mont Vernon, NH in a huge home on the hill, which might have been a guest home or hotel at one time. In the winters, she lived in a small home on the main road in Mont Vernon, a cottage full of memorabilia from their musical travels.

Always civic minded, Madelaine served for several years as a local town chairman for the annual campaign for Mont Vernon. Her passion for music continued with her patronage of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the NH Symphony and other performing arts groups. She was also dedicated to doing all she could for children and families, and enjoyed serving as a fund raising volunteer.

Continuing her charitable legacy, she established the Madelaine von Weber Trust in 1991 and funded the Trust with all of her wealth, including the proceeds from the sale of her home, furnishings and jewelry.

A friend who met her as a widow in her 70s describes her as an elegant person, “a grande dame in the best sense of the word.”

The Fund’s broad grant-making guidelines reflect Madelaine G. von Weber’s lifelong love of the arts and her deep concern with the problems of the day, especially those that impacted children and their families.